Pump break due to morons

So im on a pump break again & its not by choice.
Thanks to the idiot at Thomas Cook who informed the airline im insueein dapandant (i dont even know what the hell that is, never mind the airline).
The various messages & phone calls to Jet2 about the box i wear (i dont play cricket so its not THAT box).
Its safe to say, i may end up challenged at security about my pump & being INSULIN DEPENDENT (thats for the bloke at Thomas Cook) not the crap he put down.
So to cover myself, ive come off my pump & gone back onto my pens. Ive experienced the awful highs while my body starves from the lack of constant Novorapid it so desperately craves & waits for old faithful Lantus to wake up & do its job.
Ive had to seriously up my units of fast acting insulin compared to the smaller amounts i use on the pump.
I still feel rotten now from the change & its only been 3 days but hopefully by the time i go on holiday, i should of settled into the routine of my old diabetic life.
I do hope for the day when non diabetics understand what their lapsy daisy approach to informing an airline of a passengers medical requirements doesnt involve what ive had to do, to avoid being turned away by wearing my pump due to someone who didnt listen to me say i wear an insulin pump & showed them it, who failed to correctly inform the airline.

So i want an understanding from holiday reps & a damn cure, remeber parliament disolves in just under 5 years. So vote for me to be the new Prime Minister, i promise test strips, free CGM’s & insulin pumps for all.


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