Food, glorious food

Taking a cue from Adam Brown’s recent post, write a post documenting what you eat in a day!  Feel free to add links to recommended recipes/shops/whatever.  Make it an ideal day or a come-as-you-are day – no judgments either way.  (Thank you, Katy of  Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes for this topic.)

Ive recently changed what i eat in a big way so here is a typical food day

Porridge with either blueberries/raspberries/banana topped with agave syrup & fruit juice.

Either chocolate snackajacks topped with strawberries & raspberries.
Or ryvita topped with cottage cheese.
Popcorn or a kitkat

Occasionally though i have sushi (which i love again after horrif food poisoning from eating M&S’s sushi)

(Saturday & Sunday’s are days i can have bread)

Bit of a anything goes but its things like
Spag bol
Curry either indian or thai
Chickpea dahl
Jacket potato
Occasionally a shop bought pizza or take away (i try to only have this once or twice a month)

My weaknesses are
After all ive got a bolus for that 😉


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