This isnt what you think it is (aka your diabetes type)

Yesterday at work, i was talking to one of my barristers about a diabetic issue (ie i have a slight skin infection at present & said barrister is an ex nurse).
The conversation has lead to me having hurt feelings & being a bit upset since.

Yes i maybe overweight but when it comes down to my diabetes & my type of my diabetes, you either need to think long & hard about what you are going to say or better still not say it.

When it all went wrong when i was 15 & my type was in question, i had a cepeed test which confirmed i was type 1.

I dont however appreciate one of my barristers telling me that he thinks im not type 1 but that infact i have maturity onset diabetes.

Ill say it now, thats not just crossing a line but infact its jumping over the line into a whole new air space.

Given i struggle with my weight & the only way i know to loose weight is to dramatically reduce my insulin, is this something i should now do to get people off my back about my diabetic type & weight (please note i am NOT suggesting i will do this but i am so upset & angry, logical thinking went out of the window during the conversation).


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