Sarah Wilson please stop.


I’m going to start by being honest and telling you that I think Sarah Wilson is an idiot. Her whole I Quit Sugar bullshit is nothing more than a moneymaking scam, and I will never understand why she thinks her D-grade celebrity status gives her any credibility when it comes to offering health advice.

But today, she has gone from being just a misinformed fool to an absolute troll. Because surely, that can be the only reason she would write that autoimmune conditions are all caused by self-hatred.

Oh yes she did.

Read this. I really don’t want to promote her stupid rantings, but read it. Read the ridiculous rhetoric. Read the assumptions. Read the complete and utter lack of anything resembling evidence. Read that this thoughtless opinion was a result of watching a TED talk given by Dr Habib Sadeghi, a so-called ‘healer to the stars’.


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MDI -V- insulin pumps, the verdict

This has been one of the highest profile cases in law since Smith -V- Blogs*.

Ill be reporting on the verdict of MDI -V- Insulin Pumps, i promise dear reader i wont complicate the matter by using latin or legal terms but i may use Yorkshire to get my point across.

So its been 7 days since i went on my pump break with the hope of finding out was the insulin pump was really for me.

Well ladies & gentlemen, im about to list some of the key issues involved in the case

I feel/look normal.
My GP can & will muck up my insulin order.
My legs & stomach are painful post injections & are highly bruised.
Im hardly within range at the moment.
Only 2 hypos so far.
But & this is one of the biggest issues for me, my insulin requirement has gone up by 20%.

Insulin Pump
I have it attached for 23 hours a day.
My GP cant muck up my insulin order.
I can control my background insulin easier with TBR’s when required.
I use a lot less insulin compared to MDI.
Its hard to forget it compared to pens.
But & this is the biggest issue for me, im leaking nearly every bloody day

And im sad to say but ive hated the last 7 days on MDI but yet i did it for nearly 10 years without issue.

I honestly dont know what i want from my diabetes management anymore, part of me wants to be admitted to hospital to sort out my feelings on my diabetes management & the other part just wants to stop being a pin cushion & stop taking my insulin all together.

I would love to use my pump to control my background & corrections but use my pen to inect for my meals which would mean divorcing lantus insulin.
I suppose i could ask if i could do that management system as well as ask if i could take part in the smart insulin trials or alternatively i could ask for a diaport.

*its a made up case name, i would never use a named & cited case to get my point across.

16 hours on

well i survived the night without my pump.
i must say i was really worried about what was going to happen in my sleep incase i had a lot of fast acting on board.

from 8pm sunday night, its gone like this

8.50pm – 7.1mmol
10.17pm (went to bed with my split of lantus) – 8.4mmol
1.04am – 4.0mmol (I had 3 jelly sweets)
4.47am – 7.8mmol
7.27am (when I got up with my split of lantus) – 10.6 mmol
10.05am – 15.9mmol
12.19pm (lunch time) – 14.0mmol

i have felt off it to be perfectly honest, i dont know if its because i have no “working” background in my system yet or what.

but can i ask, please can i have a working pancreas now????

Breaking (diabetes) bad

I came to the decision a few weeks ago to have a pump break but had decided that i would use up my open pump supplies first.

After yet again a leaking cannula less than 24 hours old, it took me all my time not to cry, rip my cannula out & throw my pump against the wall.

As of 8pm tonight i have decided that i am now taking my pump break.

And im absolutely terrified of going back on my pens but after nearly 12 years of this fucking disease i crave, no better still i want an easier life with my diabetes, part of me even wishes for mixed insulin 2 times a day.

Going on a break is no way failure on my part but i need a break from the pump problems im having & maybe it will help my depression, (i am in no way blaming my diabetes as a cause of this depressive period).

I hope going back is as easy as leaving MDI behind when i went on my pump.


Diabetes awareness month


Well November is diabetes awareness month & on 14th November its world diabetes day (WDD).

I shall be, like my pancreas challanged world wide family standing tall with my insulin & saying diabetes screw you (and ending the day with a curry at a retirement thank you meal).

The picture i have chosen as my header made me smile as the 3 little people show the 3 faces of diabetes we all put up with every day (well not every day but you know what i mean).

I find it sad that there has to be a month dedicated to diabetes awareness, in my mind everyone should be aware of the signs of diabetes as it may save someone’s life.

So i am going to highlight the key signs right now

■ passing urine more often than usual, especially at night.
■ increased thirst.
■ extreme tiredness.
■ unexplained weight loss.
■ genital itching or regular episodes of thrush.
■ slow healing of cuts and wounds.
■ blurred vision.

please if anyone you know is showing several of these signs, get them to the doctors or hospital you may save their life.