time to break free???

this is a topic which some may argue with me over my choices & i dont wish to engage in an argument with anyone over what i do with my diabetic care.

i’ve thought about this for a while but i want a pump break.

if that means a break for a month while i figure out if pumping is really for me or a divorce style situation but without the cost, then so be it.

i’ve been pumping 13 months now & yes i’ve had problems (please see my anniversary blog) but more problems are developing & i’ve had enough of it all especially the more recent issues of….
the leaking cannulas gets me down & is embarrasing when in public & it goes onto my clothing.
the hypers from cannula changes
my skin, i have noticed for a few months that my skin around my cannula sight when removed is bright red & the skin has come off with the sticky pad

i love the fact i look normal without having to inject in public but the beeping/vibrating boobs does cause looks when my pump tells me there is an issue.

i’m nervous about going back on my pens as it feels like a step back in my diabetic care but until that cure is here (dont forget its only 10 years away) i need to find a insulin therapy that makes me happy as no longer taking my insulin isnt an option