Diabetes week & #iCan



Well its nearly the end of diabetes week & this year its been via the hashtag #iCan.

Well what can i do?
I can drive a car (ok DVLA only allow me & all other diabetics on insulin a license for 3 years).
I can travel the world.
I can fall in love.
I can make silly decisions like having bright pink hair.
I can eat what i like.
I can party all night.
I can drink alcohol (as long as i check my blood sugars & have a carby snack later)

More importantly i can do anything with diabetes.
Diabetes shouldnt define who we are or why we do what we do, we are just unfortunate to live with this disease.

The only thing i cant do (and that ill admit to as im Supergirl) is make insulin (Superman has kryptonite, I have a dodgy pancreas)

Blood sugar selfies were doing the rounds again & instead of my ugly mug with my meter, my cat Lottie got a bit friendly when i was checking my blood sugars last weekend (illness has been kicking my bum for nearly a week so i can be allowed the double figures).
I dont think she understands what it was or why i prick my finger or tick when my pump is giving a bolus or why i eat sweets/lucozade but in that moment, it was like she understood.