11th Diaversary

On Sunday 13th April 2014, I will be “celebrating” my 11th anniversary of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

In those 11 years, I will have been through 3 insulin regimes (mixed insulin twice a day/MDI & now an insulin pump).

Now it seems I also joined the confusion club over my type, which resulted in me being taken off insulin & my bloods going over 44mmol & requiring hospital admission before indepth blood tests to confirm that I was indeed type 1!

I’ve done 10k for Diabetes UK, held a cake sale for diabetes week, held a twitter chat for @ourdiabetes on diabetes and the work place, collected money at Tesco a store on behalf of Diabetes UK & now attended parliament with JDRF UK (even met Theresa May!!!!).

I’ve met some wonderful people on twitter through the #ourd #gbdoc #countmein groups & I find these people very supportive when times are hard (both with D problems & without D problems).

yet I long for the day where i dont have to test my blood or be dependent on insulin to live but must remember that the cure is only 10 years away……

I often think of life before being diagnosed at 6.30am of 13th April 2003 sat in A&E at St James Hospital, hearing the words that i had type 1 diabetes & needed to be admitted. The doctor told me & my mum that, if she hadnt brought me to A&E but waited to taken me to the doctors on Monday after school, I would have fallen into a diabetic coma.
I remember my first injection on the ward.
I remember the first shopping trip after being let out of hospital, which took hours of reading labels.
I remember the looks & comments i get from testing my blood or injecting, which make me feel like an alien.
I remember my hypos & the feeling like i’m trapped in my body but cant make it work.
I remember the pain of the eye drops from having photos of my eyes taken.
I remember what my childhood DSN said to me about falling pregnant accidentally & the risks.
I remember that i cant have a driving licence until i’m 70, that i have to check my bloods carefully in order to drive & that my car insurance quote is so high from being insulin dependent.
and sad as it is, I remember hating my body at 15 years old for making me different from everyone else.

But I will never know how I got diabetes, if it was a virus or an eviromental factor that caused my body to turn on itself.

But more importantly, its shaped me as a person & to listen to my body more.

I’ve posted some pictures of parliament with JDRF below.

fabian hamilton

theresa may

group shot1

group shot2

nick brown