being diagnosed

as i am going to the type 1 parliament with JDRF, i have to fill in a scrap book with various bits of my life with type 1.
this is what i’ve written for the section about being diagnosed.

I was diagnosed aged 15

The first signs i had was being tired & asking mum if i could go to bed early.
Then mum noticed my loss of appetite & that I wasn’t interested in my favourite foods.
I was drinking a lot of water & constantly urinating at night which was unlike me.
The Friday night as I was diagnosed on the Sunday, the drinking water & urinating at night increased.

Sunday 13th April 2003, mum woke up to find me crying.
When she checked on me, I told her I didn’t feel right.
She rung the Doctors deputising service who said they would send someone out to me.
They rang mum back to tell her that, they wouldn’t be sending anyone but that I needed to go straight to A&E.
At 6.30am I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. my blood sugars were 18+, I was admitted to hospital there & then.
As the doctor explained things to my mum, I remember being very scared & telling the doctor I wanted to go home.
We were told by the A&E doctor that had my mum waited to take me to the doctors Monday, I would have fallen into a coma.