when you just want to give in

well i’ve now been pumping for nearly 7 weeks.

i dont miss injecting 5 times a day if i am brutally honest – the only down side is i wear a pump that loves to argue with me.

all in all, i think my pump is brilliant.

i’ve had less hypos compared to MDI (not a bad thing) but i seem to be a little bit higher with my BG. I am generally meeting the DAFNE targets but still my basal appears correct (unless its a sunday & its all gone pete tong)

the down sides :

i’ve been bleeding from most of my cannula sites so currently have a lovely attractive purple/blue/black stomach. Roche have sent me a new inserter which seems to be helping (seeing as my original one was misfiring leading to the curtains having a cannula inserted, my finger & my left breast *side note putting a cannula in your breast bloody hurts)

and now to top it off, i was diagnosed thursday with a site infection which apparently is called pumpers custard. YUCK!

off to battle on with Jerry (my spirit combo)