Live & pumping

So I went live on my pump just before lunch yesterday.

The cannula is in my tummy & it’s almost as if I have a force field round me & anything that comes close to it, I avoid.

It’s hard to forget everything I know & not reach for my insulin pens.

But so far so good.

My pump at 3.15am this morning (and on my birthday) decided to error by error, I mean scream at me & vibrate like no ones business until I woke up.

I managed to sort it but at just gone 3am, it’s a bit like WTF is going on here?!?!??!

So I have a cannula change on Friday (without tubing) & a full set change & insulin change on Monday unless I run out before.

Here’s to the hard work & the stories I’m sure ill share with people who read my blog.




It’s nearly here!

Well since getting approval back in March, I’ve been on the route to my pump.

So tomorrow I get my Accu Chek combo pump.

So today I only have half my background insulin (I take lantus glargine) & tomorrow I have no background insulin just my normal fast acting insulin (novorapid) with correction doses to counteract no background insulin.

By lunch time tomorrow ill be on my pump *eeeekk!*

I’ve watched my training DVD on how to use the pump but am terrified about inserting cannulas, so tomorrow will be a new “scary” adventure & I can’t wait