why am i volunteering for Diabetes UK

Someone asked me why i was volunteering for Diabetes UK at the Big Collection Weekend in October, given i held a cake stall during diabetes week & did a 10k walk in July.

The reason is, Diabetes UK is there for the diabetics in the UK whether they are Type 1, Type 2, LADA, MODY or Gestational.

They’ve been there for me since I was 15, even when I wanted to shut my diabetes away & pretend I was normal like every other 15 year old girl.

I’ll be honest, being diabetic is hard & pretty naff at times but having a support network, free information & a careline (run by Diabetes UK) makes life a little easier.

It would be lovely if Diabetes UK could raise the funds they are aiming for.

Please when you visit Tesco’s in October, dig deep.
With 3 million known diabetics & 7 million at risk of type 2 diabetes, noone should have to live with the risk of diabetes hanging over their head.
By donating money can help research a cure into this disease.